Meet Susannah

About Susannah

Hello! I’m Susannah and I have loved photography from the moment I picked up my dad’s old film Nikon at age 11. I am based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado but have traveled all over the globe for my work. I started my career in photo journalism at CBS News, NBC, and in the White House, covering the end of GW Bush’s presidency and the beginning of Barrack Obama’s. Working for the press and traveling with the Presidential Motorcade taught me how to photograph on-the-go and in the moment.

Since then, I’ve shot all around the world on all kinds of assignments, and my passion my has blossomed into a career. I was set to begin second shooting for National Geographic during my time at the White House, but picked up and moved to England to work for US Africa Command, a gig I just could not turn down! I traveled all throughout Africa with the US Military for coverage of political engagements, and gained invaluable experience both working under serious political pressure and in difficult environmental conditions. I’m proud to say that my images have been used in briefs to Congress to justify the continued funding for US training programs to African military.

And my latest adventure? Motherhood! Which is, by far, the most rewarding work I have done to date. I have two darling boys, and a husband that all love outdoor adventures just as much as I do. In our off time, you’ll find us up in the Colorado mountains, off the grid, exploring the backcountry. As a mother now, I am incredibly tuned in to capturing – and enjoying! – the fleeting moments of childhood. My little guys change every single day! And it’s so important to just pick up my camera and capture those moments that would otherwise quickly be forgotten.

I’ve been photographing my clients since 2002 and have fine tuned my style into a photo documentary approach, which means I capture it as I see it. My favorite portrait work is made up of genuine moments happening in real time, with very little posing.

Susannah’s Philosophy

Your family is your masterpiece, and it is worth documenting right here and right now. I’ve heard so many moms say, “I’m never in any of the photos I take of my family!” And I’ve also heard moms say they’re waiting for the “perfect” time to book a family photoshoot – waiting to lose the baby weight, waiting for the house to be finished, or for any other reason to celebrate justifying the investment in a family photoshoot. I am that mom too, and I am also the photographer that knows the importance of capturing these moments. Our time is so very short with our babies. And perfectly dressed families and everyone smiling aren’t my goals in photographing you. A portrait is more than just a snapshot – it is a key to treasuring memories for generations to come, and a window into the soul of those photographed. I want to show you evidence of all the good and beauty happening right in the normal, wonderful, uncelebrated moment. Today. Whatever the season, it is worth documentation!