My Philosopy

I believe that anyone has the ability to show up with an expensive DSLR and fancy camera equipment to cover your wedding day. But those beautiful shots will only be available for one day, one time. And one is either born with (or without) the ability to “see” a beautiful photograph and be able to successfully and artistically compose, frame, and transfer that vision into photographic form… in a way that makes people say, simply, “wow.”


Coupling my photo documentary style with a knack for great timing, a solid sense of composition, and an ability to see the fine details that make your day special and unique is where I believe my true strengths lie. And I want to experience, take in, and capture your vision.. in beautiful, rich, and wonderfully crafted images that will last generations to come. (Read about my background here to learn more about my in-the-field training at the White House with former President GW Bush and President Obama, and with the US military throughout Africa! I’ve gained some ninja-like skills to capture your big day and turn out some beautifully bold photography).


I love shooting weddings because I believe there is no singularly greater and more meaningful day in a couple’s new life together. My favorite wedding work is made up of beautifully composed images. I love to capture intimate and unique details, and tell a fantastic love story about my subjects. My collections capture emotion and genuine moments happening in real time, unstaged, and in a way that doesn’t impede on your day. As one happy bride stated, “Susannah was able to meticulously involve herself in the most important moments, and yet, we never noticed that she was there – that’s amazing!”


I strive to capture all of the wonderful things that make a wedding so special. It’s a responsibility, and an honor to record those moments that you will share with generations to come. The laughter, the tears, all of the important details that you worked so hard to create.. the beautiful flowers, the intricate details of your dress, the table settings, the vows written on a folded up piece of paper that’s sitting at the dinner table by the groom’s glass of champagne, the foggy eyes of a best friend giving a toast at the reception, and the crazy dancing that unfolds throughout the night! I am with you from the very moment you begin getting ready to the last dance.


When I was searching for my own wedding photographer, I wanted someone who I could trust, be comfortable with, and who could take beautiful images of our wedding day. Because, let’s be honest. This day is all about YOU! You should enjoy everything about it, and not be concerned with whether or not your photographer is capturing the shots. That’s why I will be working seamlessly behind you with my assistant, taking in every last detail on my professional grade full format cameras and lenses to give you a fantastic collection of beautiful imagery of your special day.


I believe your images are their most beautiful when you can feel them in your hands, see them on your wall, and flip through them in a beautiful album. Technology changes every day, but paper and ink are here to stay. When the wedding ends, it’s paramount that you have a collection of prints, an album, and beautiful wall art to remember this day by. That’s why all my collections offer these things! I don’t want you to simply have a disc of images that lives in your desk drawer, never to be truly enjoyed. All of our amazing products are built in to your collection investment. Please take a look at the investment page to decide if we are the right fit!


I cannot wait to tell your story, and capture this incredibly meaningful and special time for you!

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