Client Love


“I tell everyone who is planning a wedding to get a great photographer like you, because years from now those photos will be more precious than you can imagine. It’s the little things that your photographer captures that brings back all the fun and glory of the day. Spend it, you won’t be sorry. Promise.”
-Katherine Dell


“It was THE BEST decision to hire Susannah as our wedding photographer! She has done an excellent job, and we have created memories for a lifetime. Susannah has been in touch all the way through, setting up shot lists, talking about details. She is very detail-oriented, and she asked for our input and ideas for everything. She checked in with us before the wedding, and the days leading up to the big day. She even stopped by at the hair salon where I was getting ready (this was not part of our arrangements). Susannah’s photojournalistic approach is amazing, and her photos can “talk” saving precious emotional and funny moments of the entire day. We decided to add a bridal shoot after the wedding, and Susannah has given us great advise for that as well. We had so much fun, and again created beautiful images. Once everything was done, Susannah met with us several times to talk about wall art and canvases. Susannah is an excellent professional overall, and we can just recommend hiring her for any important events. Thank you Susannah!”
-Adrienne Loughmiller


“We are forever grateful to you for joining us and photographing our wedding weekend. You managed to capture the true spirit of the weekend: the beauty of the region, energy, excitement and fun that everyone had. I see so many photos from other friends’ weddings that appear staged and contrived. You, on the other hand, just nailed it. The real emotions, the little details. The photos came out so brilliantly. They are absolutely beautiful. Brittany and I look through them from time to time and treasure this collection. We cannot thank you enough.”
-Joshua and Brittany Lewi


“Bryan and I wish to send you a huge and very heartfelt THANK YOU, for your absolutely stellar work in capturing the beauty and emotion of our wedding day. Selecting you as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made! Considering that we were on two separate continents for the majority of the planning, the process couldn’t have been easier. You answered my emails (and ridiculously numerous questions) with such speed, and you never laughed at me when I didn’t understand something, never questioned my taste or preference. Instead, you always provided insight and reassurance. On the day of the wedding, your calm composure helped to make everything flow – you kept us laughing, kept us relaxed and allowed our personalities to really shine. I’m not kidding when I say that the whole day felt effortless! We weren’t constantly pulled in one direction, didn’t have to worry about neglecting our guests or fear missing out on our own celebration. You were able to meticulously involve yourself in the most important moments, and yet, we never noticed that you were there – that’s amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are eternally grateful!”
-Lindsay & Bryan Lopata


“We received our images from Susannah, and Oh My Goodness. Our friends told us how it took months to receive their wedding pictures. We received our photos in just three weeks, and even after seeing how wonderful Susannah’s photos of other weddings were, we were amazed at the quality. AMAZED. It is no exaggeration to say these are the best pictures ever taken of us. She truly captured the feel of our wedding, and we couldn’t be happier. She gave us a good mix of color and black and white (per our request) and even offered to do further editing if we had any specific requests. Susannah touched base with us multiple times during the editing process just to let us know where she was, which was also very appreciated. I would (and have) highly recommend Susannah to anyone who is looking for exceptional quality and an amazing value for their photography. Thank you, Susannah! We couldn’t be happier!”
-Kasey and Dave Anderson


“Oh my gosh, SUSANNAH!!!! These are exquisite. I am beyond speechless right now. I can’t even express how amazing these are. Thank you so much. You’ve captured more than we could have even hoped for. These images are just incredible and we can’t wait to see the rest!”
-Alyse and Jay Munoz


“Susannah is an amazing photographer! We loved her from the moment we met her. She made us feel so comfortable and was open to our thoughts and ideas as to how to personalize our wedding pictures. In the end-, her open and warm personality made everyone feel comfortable and at ease, resulting in very natural pictures that captured the joy of the moment. To us, that’s priceless. Not only are her pictures thoughtful and beautiful, but for the price, she provides so much and never made us feel like we were asking too much of her. This was a refreshing change from the other photographers we considered. We would highly recommend Susannah!”
-Erinn Maguire & Matthew Nuzzi


“Oh my God! I was able to look through all the images last night, and words cannot express how amazing they are. Thank you SO much for your awesome work! We are so happy, and feel like you were definitely the best investment for our wedding! Your pictures ‘talk’ to us, and we have been able to re-live the day. So many emotions and awesome happy faces! We are thrilled. Thank you again!”
-Adri & Russell Tellup


“When I first saw our photos, I cried – because I’d never looked so lovely, never felt so beautiful. I’ve always struggled with my looks, so to see the happiness and joy you were able to capture, to love looking at myself in those photos… I just can’t explain to you how much that means to me!!! You have given us such perfect, tangible memories. Each image is a vivid reflection of the funny, crazy, head-over-heels type love affair that Bryan & I are lucky to share. You have such mastery of your craft, and you are insanely gifted. I would recommend you to every single person I know, no matter the occasion they’re looking to document. You are a gorgeous soul, inside and out, and we utterly adore you. You helped to make our best day ever, even better. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are eternally grateful! Much love always!”
-Lindsay Lopata


“Susannah not only got all the shots we requested, but also got the most unbelievable candids. She was incredible at wrangling our family members while not being pushy at all, and she was really great on her feet when some of our plans changed last minute due to weather, and was still able to get every shot we had talked about. My favorite part of working with Susannah was she understood we wanted first and foremost to enjoy our wedding. So instead of having an hour plus of rushed pictures thrown in while our guests were enjoying the party, Susannah came up with a really great plan. She would go find amazing settings and prep them for us, and then steal my husband and I away to take a few photos. I loved this because we were only away from our party a few minutes at a time, we got to take photos at multiple locations, got amazing pictures when “the light was just right”, the smiles weren’t forced from hours of pictures. Best of all, we were able to enjoy our party and were grabbed away for only a few minutes through out the night. Susannah checked in before leaving, was a joy to work with and really helped make our wedding extra special. We recommend her to everyone we know!”
-Kasey and Dave Anderson


“Few people in this world get to make a living doing something that they absolutely love, but Susannah Dowell is one of them. Her immense talent and passion for photography are clear the minute you look at her work. Which is why my wife and I never doubted for a second that she was the perfect person to shoot our wedding in the south of France. Throughout the entire wedding weekend, Susannah and her assistant exhibited nothing but the utmost professionalism. They captured every moment from fresh, new perspectives. And most of the time, we had no idea that they were even there. Even after the wedding, during the editing process, Susannah worked tirelessly to deliver the photos so that we could relive the good times after settling back into work and our daily lives. Not surprisingly, the photographs turned out beautifully. They brought huge smiles to our faces and joy in seeing the beginning of our life together captured so exquisitely. We are eternally grateful to Susannah for her hard work and unsurpassed talent.”
-Brittany and Josh Lewi


“Jay and I are just humbled by your artistic ability, and truly thank you for working with us on Saturday for our trash the dress photoshoot. It was a great date day; a moment to reconnect and play dress up, and you helped us recapture all of the reasons we love living this life with each other. Your work is just breath-taking, and we were honored to be your models!”
-Alyse Munoz


“Having Susannah as our wedding photographer was the best decision we made (besides getting married of course!). She was very easy to work with giving us all the details up front about what we could expect with our package and pricing (no hidden fees). After discussing the type of photography we were looking for, Susannah went the extra mile and worked with me on creating a pinterest board to figure out ideas I wanted to try so she knew exactly what we were looking for. As a bride, I greatly appreciated her following up with me well in advance to get all the details she needed (timing, photo shot list, directions, etc) so, in her words, “I wouldn’t have to worry about that during wedding week”. With the flurry of last minute questions from all our other vendors that week, this was so appreciated! Then, on the day of the wedding, Susannah understood we wanted first and foremost to enjoy our wedding. She allowed us to to that by seemingly being invisible but getting all the best shots! She truly captured the feel of our wedding, and we couldn’t be happier. We would and do recommend her to everyone we know!”
-Kasey and Dave Anderson